Video marketing

Tell stories about your business and your success .. with video animation

Let's back to 2011, it is the revolution year of video marketing, and till now the video is still expanding specially when it comes to marketing. Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and other video sharing platforms are very popular around the world, it doesn't stop here but the social media websites started to roll out the video services through it's platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.
The video marketing has become one of the most effective ways in the whole marketing process, and it's going bigger and more important. In a simple way, the video marketing is introducing your service, product, or even a message through creative video that interact with motions with customers emotions.

Check out the importance of the video marketing through these points..
- The videos get more engagement and interactions from the customers, and it's more effective than reading or watching photos.
- The videos are more interesting than text and photos because of the moving things are more attractive than stopping ones.
- The Videos increase your brand credibility because the most reliable way in communication with the customers is seeing them and talking to them, and a huge part of this can be achieved from the videos.

Still want to be more interested about the video marketing? Check these analytics..
- The 150 days of writing would achieve the impact of one minute video ! as a recent research from Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research.
- The Online Video occupy now more than 45% of the market.
- 100 Million users watch online marketing videos each day.
- 90% of the online shoppers took their action to buy because of the service/product videos on the internet because they found it more helpful.
- 50% is the percent of watching the business-related videos in compare with other videos on Youtube.

- Creating animation and motion graphics videos that introduce your service with creative way.
- Running video marketing campaigns through the video sharing platforms as Youtube for instance.
- Help small businesses and startups to get introduced through innovative video about what they do
- Telling stories about your brand through shooting videos